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The present Sustainable Development policy describes the measures and actions taken by the company in relation to environmental protection and sustainable development.

For several years, we have been following a program, as modest as it may be, to contribute, on our scale, to the protection of the environment and to sustainable development.

Here is a summary of some of the commitments we have made to help save our planet:

  • Minimize the use of paper in favor of electronic documents (PDF). In this regard, we have reduced the volume of our paper documents by almost 90%.
  • Use computer software such as GoodNote and GoodReader to annotate documents electronically, rather than printing them, and this includes large drawings, shop drawings, data sheets, and other documents that need to be annotated and approved.
  • Use the Notarius computer system to seal and sign documents.
  • Send rejected paper for recycling.
  • Use file boxes and tubes made of fully recyclable materials, favoring paper over plastic.
  • Reduce as much as possible the consumption of plastic materials, for example by installing water dispensers in our premises, in order to reduce plastic waste, which impacts, among other things, the oceanic fauna.
  • Encourage public transportation to reduce greenhouse gases.