Le Royan

Le Royan


1200 de Royan Street, Laval


Joseph Skaff Art & Architecture


9290-9282 Quebec Inc.


43 M


in progress


Gross floor area 12,615m2
Roof terrace and pool
Green roof

Le Royan is a senior residence with all the basic services that come with it. What is particular is the fact that the land purchased by the developer already included a project outline already approved by the Ville de Laval’s CCU. Our mandate was to develop this sketch by making several important modifications to the program as well as to the layout of the units.

“We had to make the program changes the client wanted while keeping in mind the original design that had already been approved by the City, especially in terms of massing and façade modulation. One of the challenges was that the original layout of the two and three bedroom units had only one bathroom, while the client required two. In addition, there were several constraints such as the fortification wall required by Canadian Pacific on the railroad side. In addition, the original sketches did not take into account the bracing and seismic walls which had a significant impact on the interior design. Despite these and other challenges, we were able to deliver the plans and specifications on time.

Joseph Skaff


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